Other Issues We Treat

Resolute Treatment Center in Indianapolis, IN, is the trusted provider of mental health treatment for co-occurring disorders in male youth with sexually maladaptive behaviors.

As the only comprehensive treatment center in Indiana that provides treatment exclusively for male adolescents who are struggling with sexually maladaptive behaviors, Resolute recognizes the importance of offering a full continuum of services that address every need of those who entrust us with their care. Through the use of clinical and recreational interventions, academic programming, and other treatment modalities that are designed to instill new skills, our programming is geared towards helping youth foster a new sense of improved self-esteem and the confidence to accomplish goals. Our caring and compassionate staff are on hand 24 hours a day to offer guidance and support to the youth at our center, as well as beneficial assistance to the families of those receiving care at Resolute.

Our staff, which is comprised of qualified and trained mental health professionals, are also able to address any existing mental health concerns present in addition to offering ongoing support while a youth is at Resolute. Our programming features specialized intervention strategies for treating mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders, such as:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Self-harming behaviors

The presence of such disorders can make sexually maladaptive behaviors more difficult to overcome when treatment does not address these additional needs. For this reason, we, at Resolute Treatment Center, diligently work to ensure that mental health concerns are effectively and appropriately cared for to maximize healing and recovery. With psychiatrists on staff to determine medication needs, prescribe medication, and monitor a youth’s progress while on medication if it is deemed necessary for treatment, we can ensure that sexually maladaptive behaviors and mental health disorders are given the attention and care they require.

Additionally, we make it a priority to involve a youth’s family in the treatment of any existing mental health condition or co-occurring disorder. We will provide education on any condition present so that family members have a greater understanding of what their child or adolescent is going through. We will also provide family members with tools to help their child or adolescent maintain effective skills for managing symptoms of any mental health disorder present. Doing this affords each youth at Resolute the opportunity and ability to receive all-inclusive care that fosters a broad support network that can benefit long after completing our programming.

By addressing the unique needs of male children and adolescents who are working to overcome sexually maladaptive behaviors and the distressing symptoms of mental health disorders, Resolute Treatment Center ultimately hopes to prepare youth for successful, happy, and healthy futures in which maladaptive behaviors and mental illness symptoms do not prevent goal achievement.