Conduct Disorder Treatment for Adolescents in Indianapolis, IN

Resolute Treatment Center in Indianapolis, IN, is the trusted provider of conduct disorder treatment for male youth with sexually maladaptive behaviors.

Conduct Disorder Treatment

Youth who are struggling with conduct disorder often act out in a number of aggressive ways. He may frequently get into fights with peers, damage property, and have a difficult time abiding by rules or laws. Additionally, adolescents with this condition may present with sexually maladaptive behaviors that can make a youth vulnerable to a number of harmful effects. Adolescents who struggle with this condition often get in trouble at school and with law enforcement. Additionally, an adolescent with conduct disorder may cause caregivers a great deal of worry as they often become concerned for their child’s future. However, treatment for conduct disorder exists and can help adolescents control impulses and gain a better understanding of how disruptive and out-of-control behavior can negatively impact their lives.

Resolute Treatment Center is a premier treatment provider for male adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 who are struggling with sexually maladaptive behaviors and other mental health conditions. Located on the west side of Indianapolis, our 76-bed residential treatment center provides a broad continuum of care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and family who entrusts us with their care. As the only treatment facility in the state of Indiana that exclusively treats adolescent males with sexually maladaptive behaviors, we remain steadfast in our dedication to providing preventative placement and post discharge clinical home services that are designed to enhance the lives of youth and their families.

Helping A Loved One

There are a number of signs and symptoms that may infer that a child or adolescent is suffering from conduct disorder. If your child experiences unwarranted angry outbursts, bullies other children, is blatantly defiant towards figures of authority, or is cruel to animals, there is a high likelihood that he is struggling with this mental health condition. And while the presence of these symptoms is distressing for the child and his loved ones, there are things caregivers can do to help better the life of a child or adolescent who meets diagnostic criteria for conduct disorder:

  • Consult with a mental health professional to determine if conduct disorder is the condition that your child is battling
  • Learn all that you can about this mental illness
  • Research treatment options
  • Make sure that the treatment is catered to the needs of children and adolescents
  • Be open and honest with your child about his need for care
  • Expect that your child will be resistant to treatment
  • Be highly involved in your child’s treatment
  • Encourage your child to adhere to treatment recommendations
  • Remain supportive for the duration of treatment and beyond

Additionally, you may be advised on how to help your child manage impulses and behavior when at home; heed advice from professionals on behavior management as doing this can ensure that your child will be successful in controlling impulses and negative behaviors in several settings.

Why Consider Treatment

Children and adolescents who struggle with conduct disorder often feel that they do not have control over their impulses and behaviors. They may not understand the reasons why they are frequently getting into trouble, despite the fact that other people inform them of the reasons why their behaviors and acts of verbal aggression are not appropriate. Additionally, those that grapple with this condition may continue to get in trouble and experience a number of consequences that can impact them well into adulthood. Failing to get a child or adolescent treatment for this disorder can lead to the development of other mental health conditions, substance abuse problems, and increased chances for interaction with the legal system. Appropriate care can reduce these risks and offer sufferers the chance to have a happy future without further disruption.

Residential treatment centers offer the structure and support that children and adolescents with conduct disorder need to improve their lives. Programming offered in residential settings often includes a number of therapeutic interventions that can help sufferers of this condition gain a better understanding of their disorder and learn new skills that can benefit them for a lifetime. Mental health professionals are on hand 24 hours a day to monitor youth in residential care and are able to offer ongoing support as a child or adolescent works towards healing. Caregivers are also included in the treatment offered in residential settings so that they can learn new skills for helping their child once treatment is complete. Lastly, the care offered in residential treatment center is comprehensive, such that children and adolescents have access to psychiatrists who can monitor medication if it is deemed appropriate for successful treatment outcomes.

Program Philosophy & Benefits

At Resolute Treatment Center, our goal is to break the vicious cycle of victimization by providing the best care in the least restrictive environment possible. We offer adolescents a safe, secure, and confidential setting where they can receive therapy that is based on unconditional positive regard, which places an emphasis on the inherent strengths that we know our patients already have within them. By building upon those strengths, the caring and compassionate staff at Resolute helps guide and support patients throughout the treatment process, keeping in mind our steadfast goal of returning each child to his community as a productive and responsible member of society. At Resolute, we are dedicated to ensuring the success of each child, the reunification of every family, and the long-standing happiness that every individual deserves.

Types Of Treatment Offered At Resolute

At Resolute Treatment Center, we offer a unique, multifaceted therapeutic program that is designed to give every child the chance to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. With treatment that is guided by qualified, trained, and caring professionals, Resolute offers a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that helps children maximize their potential through recreational interventions, clinical interventions, strong academic programming, and positive relationship building with peers and adults. At Resolute, we believe that when children explore and discover their inherent strengths in a structured, nature-based environment, their self-esteem, compassion, coping skills, and social skills will improve. In order to help our patients achieve all of their goals, the following treatment methods are implemented throughout one’s stay at Resolute:

Medication management: Medication may be recommended as part of treatment planning. All patients meet with a psychiatrist at least once a month in order to ensure the effectiveness of any medication that is prescribed and to make any changes that may be necessary.

Individual therapy: Patients participate in a minimum of one individual therapy session per week, but more sessions can be added based on individual needs. These sessions are designed to be a time for adolescents to meet one-on-one with a therapist in order to discuss concerns and to focus on the development and application of new skills.

Group therapy: Group sessions are held daily and include both psycho-educational and process groups, including a daily sexual process group. These sessions are curriculum-based and trauma-focused. Special supplementary groups are also held regularly and include topics such as assault cycles, trauma outcomes, and healthy relationships.

Family therapy: At Resolute, we view family involvement and participation in the treatment process as being paramount to ensuring that each child’s treatment is both effective and long-lasting. Family sessions are held at a minimum of once every two weeks, but more are added when requested or deemed appropriate.

School programming: Knowing how important a child’s education is, here at Resolute we make sure that each patient receives the services he needs in order to remain on track educationally. Our onsite school is fully accredited and meets daily from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

In addition to the previously mentioned services, Resolute also offers the following:

  • Relapse prevention and protection planning
  • Reunification and aftercare planning
  • Clinical polygraph testing (when necessary)
  • Psychological testing
If you feel that you are in crisis, or are havin

Continuing Care

At Resolute Treatment Center, we recognize that recovery is an ongoing process that does not just end once adolescents leave our program. In order to ensure continued success, our multidisciplinary staff works at creating thorough aftercare planning for each patient. We work intensively with adolescents as they become reunified with their families and begin reintegrating back into the community.

For those adolescents who are not yet ready to, or are unable to, return home, but no longer require the intensive treatment of the residential setting, Resolute offers two step-down group homes for those patients who have successfully completed residential programming. These homes provide an open residential setting that is less restrictive, yet still provides 24-hour supervision.

Whatever your child’s long-term needs may be, Resolute Treatment Center will do all that we can to ensure continued success and lasting recovery so that he can move forwards toward a happy, healthy, and productive future.