Admissions at Resolute, Success, and Polaris are all made by the Department of Child Services (DCS) and/or probation officers.

Admissions at Resolute, Success, Polaris, Carina and Centerpointe are often made by the Department of Child Services (DCS) and/or probation officers.  Individuals and family members may call for information as well as how to get a loved one treatment at our facilities.  If the referral is made by DCS or probation, once a decision has been made by the court system regarding the youth, the probation officer or DCS will contact our admissions department and send over information for review.  Our admissions team will review predisposition reports, police reports, psych testing, individual education plan (IEP) and previous records to determine if the youth is appropriate for our program.  All cases are reviewed and decisions are made within 24 hours.

Once the child has been accepted to Resolute, the Admissions Director will contact the referral source with a notice of acceptance and will request the following documents for completion and/or review at the time of admission:

  • Placement Agreement and Packet
  • Court Order placing the child at Resolute
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • DCS Case Plan
  • Insurance and/or Medicaid Card
  • Individualized Education Plan
  • Immunization Records
  • Interstate Compact (for out of state placements 0nly)

If the child has not already been assessed by Resolute, we will also request additional documentation to determine if the child is appropriate for placement including:  probable-cause affidavits, predisposition reports, 310/311 reports, and/or previous treatment history/records.  All documentation should be provided prior to the child’s arrival at the facility.  Once all paperwork has been complete, and admission target date will be set and transportation arrangements will be made.  Transportation can be provided, free of charge, by Resolute upon request.

At the time of admission, the child’s belongings should be brought with them to the treatment center.  One of our admissions coordinators will assist each family in understanding what items their child is going to need during the duration of their stay.  It is highly encouraged that families take part in the admissions process whenever possible and, as such, the Admissions Director will make arrangements with the family to schedule a facility tour and make staff introductions unless otherwise requested.

To make a referral or request an evaluation, please contact Jennifer Rankin, Director of Admissions at or call 317-630-5215 ext. 405, you may also fax information to 317-630-5216.