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Indianapolis’ Leading Treatment Center for Sexually Maladaptive Male Youth

Who We Treat

Resolute Treatment Center is a specialty treatment provider for males between the ages of 12 and 17 with special consideration given to those 18 to 21 years of age who are struggling with sexually maladaptive behaviors and sometimes, other psychological issues. Located in Indianapolis, our 76-bed residential treatment center, 3 step-down group homes (30 beds) and community-based services provide a broad, comprehensive continuum of care.

What We Treat

If your son or loved one is struggling with sexually maladaptive behaviors, depressionanxiety, or behavioral concerns, Resolute is the place for him. Once your son or loved one is referred into Resolute, his needs become our highest priority. Our highly trained and qualified staff of caring professionals will ensure that he receives the most optimal level of care possible, while also being afforded around-the-clock support. Our approach focuses on meeting each individual’s need, while providing him with the education necessary to better himself.

Why Choose Resolute

With treatment provided on a safe, private campus, our caring staff offers a structured, healing environment that promotes lasting recovery. Through group therapy, individual therapy and educational classes, treatment is tailored to meet specific individual needs. If your son, loved one or someone you know is struggling mentally, emotionally or behaviorally, Resolute is the perfect place to work through challenges and start on the path to a bright future.

Our Treatment Programs

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We strive to ensure each patient is treated with respect and receives high-quality care that addresses the root of the disorders they’re facing.

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