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Resolute Treatment Center is a premier treatment provider for children and adolescents with sexually maladaptive behaviors and other emotional & behavioral impairments.  Resolute is committed to providing the best care in the least restrictive setting possible.  Resolute strongly encourages family involvement and participation with the treatment program as it is viewed as paramount in ensuring that each child's treatment is both effective and long lasting. 

Resolute has a broad continuum of care designed to meet the needs of every child and family based on the individual needs and risks of each situation.  The treatment program at Resolute is guided by highly qualified, expertly trained and compassionately caring  treatment professionals.  Resolute's is committed to the goal of returning each child to the community as a productive and responsible member of society is unwavering. 

Resolute believes that each child and family is unique and that they have inherent strengths which can be built upon to guide and support the treatment process.   Resolute is dedicated to ensuring the success of each child, the reunification of every family, and the long standing happiness deserved by every individual.  In short, Resolute stands for possessing the determination and purposefulness to ensure the following for each child:

  • the betterment of the darkest situation
  • the calming of the most troubled of circumstances
  • the continued growth of each possibility
  • the success of every future aspiration